STEMseeds 1: Lesson Ideas with Amy and Wes

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In our first STEM seeds webcastAmy Loeffelholz and Wesley Fryer share STEM lesson ideas they’ve been using this year in their classrooms. Amy is the grade 4-5 STEM teacher at Lakeview Elementary School, and Wes is the grade 4-5 STEM teacher at Independence Elementary School, both in Yukon Public Schools in Yukon, Oklahoma. Lessons discussed include a CSI / Forensics lesson, Kitchen Chemistry, Bridge Building, Alternative Energy / Wind Energy, and more. Check out our show notes below, as well as our Show Notes Google Doc for links to referenced resources and lesson ideas.

Show Notes:

  1. Thames and Kosmos Alternative Energy and Environmental Science Power House Green Essentials (via Amy, used for Alternative Energy Unit)
  2. Engineering Process with Michael Solomon (3:37 video) – Amy’s Celebrate Oklahoma Voices / Storychasers video on Engineering Design Process
  3. KidWind: Wind Power & Renewable Energy Science, Turbine Kits
  4. Wind Energy in the Classroom at Podstock 2013 (post from July 2013 about Dan Whisler’s presentation)
  5. Kitchen Chemistry unit (via Wes)
  6. Inexpensive headphones Amy found and uses from ACPdirect ($8.45 each)
  7. Link to the same headphones with the adapter for the iPads ($12.45 each)
  8. Fundraising Ideas (Classroom 2.0 Live show coming up on Donors Choose)
  9. Deepening our Learning Through Storytelling: creativity, STEM and stories (conference breakout presentation resources by Wes)
  10. Follow Amy Loeffelholz on Twitter: @AmyLoeffelholz
  11. Follow Wesley Fryer on Twitter: @wfryer
  12. Follow Wes’ STEM class on Twitter: @iesSTEM

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