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Julie Poetzel is an 8th grade science teacher in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, and was featured in the April 23rd article, “Menomonee Falls students build prosthetic hands during science class.Amy Loeffelholz contacted Julie via email to get more information about the prosthetic hand lessons she’s done with students as well as other STEM activities. Julie shared the following Google Site links to this and other STEM lessons she’s taught to and facilitated with her students! These resources are awesome! Short descriptions provided by Julie for each lesson are also included below.

Prosthetic Hand: Designing and Building a Hand Prosthesis

Over the next few days you will be learning about designing solutions to overcome challenges. Your team of 2-3 will complete a series of activities revolving around the ideas of biomedical engineering, adaptations, team work, while using STEM concepts

Virtual Outbreak

In this activity you and a team of epidemiologists will be tracking a disease in a local community. Using an online virtual program each day you will be given a set of questions to investigate, material to discuss and a plan to disseminate to deal with the outbreak. After 2-3 days of research your team will either create a recorded news broadcast (ie. using the green screen in the LMC or personal camera) or a newspaper article describing the events that took place in the small community. You will inform your audience about the facts that were collected and how your team eradicated the disease.

Butterfly Wings: Using Nature to Learn About Flight

Have you ever seen butterflies fluttering around outside, gliding through the air and landing on flowers? While they are delicate and fragile, butterflies are actually excellent flyers. They are so good, in fact, that scientists at Harvard University studied butterfly wing shapes as an inspiration for building a miniature flying robot. In this science STEM activity you will do your own version of the Harvard scientists’ experiment to measure the flight performance of butterfly wings.

The 4.5 minute video, “Poetzel Hour 2 Geiger Group,” was created by some of Julie’s students completing the “Virtual Outbreak” lesson. Read more background in the February 2014 article, “Menomonee Falls teacher keeps students learning on snow days.”

Poetzel Hour 2 Geiger Group from North Middle School on Vimeo.


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