STEMseeds 6: Back to School with Amy and Wes

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Did you think we were going to become “podfaders?” Think again! STEMseeds is BACK for our new 2014-2015 season with a recorded Google Hangout from Saturday, September 13, 2014. After some initial technical difficulties (which were all Wes’ fault, for the record) Amy Loeffelholz and Wes Fryer discussed their starting lessons and start-of-school procedures in STEM class for this fall. Check out the webcast shownotes for referenced links, as well as the chat transcript from the Google Hangout for more resources.

Show Notes:

  1. Amy Loeffelholz on Twitter: @AmyLoeffelholz
  2. Amy’s grade 4-5 classroom on Twitter: @lesstem
  3. Wes Fryer on Twitter: @wfryer
  4. Wes’ grade 4-5 classroom on Twitter: @iesSTEM
  5. STEMseeds on Twitter: @stemseeds
  6. Video: IES 5th Grader Home Webshow on Catapults
  7. Video: IES 5th Grader Home Student Rube Goldberg project
  8. STEM Grouping Sheet (for collaborative learning – download this & print from MS Word so it has 2 columns)
  9. STEM Seeds PD Camp:
  10. Catapult Unit Resources by Wes (all borrowed/modified from Amy’s lesson resources!)
  11. Student Google Spreadsheet/Form Catapult Launch Competition Results
  12. Google SketchUp (free software for education)
  13. Chat transcript from the Google Hangout
  14. Archived Google Hangout for this interview / show

The MP3 audio version of this show was created by downloading the recorded Google Hangout video with, saving the converted audio file as a 64 kbps MP3 file. The mp3 audio file is hosted on AmazonS3 (the most affordable/cheap podcast host available, literally this costs a few pennies per month) and shared on this WordPress self-hosted blog with the free PodLove Podcast Publisher plugin.

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