STEMseeds 7: OTA / EncycloMedia 2014 STEM Presentation

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This podcast is an audio recording of a presentation by Amy Loeffelholz (@AmyLoeffelholz) and Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) on October 7, 2014, at the Oklahoma Technology Association / EncycloMedia Conference in Oklahoma City. The title of the session was, “Practical Lessons for Elementary STEM Integration.” Referenced links are included in the accompanying Google Presentation slideshow. The accompanying photo in this post is our Yukon District “STEM Team” along with Ginger Gregory and Tammy Parks, at a rare (& very valued) lunch collaboration meeting!

2 thoughts on “STEMseeds 7: OTA / EncycloMedia 2014 STEM Presentation

  1. Any date for next years STEM seeds camp? One of the best I’ve been to, still using all the great lessons I learned!

  2. We are tentatively planning on June 8-12 but don’t have that finalized yet. We will be announcing it soon! So glad you enjoyed the PD camp last June, this next summer should be even better!

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