SS011 Lesson Ideas with Vanessa Perez

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This is an archived Google Hangout video and audio recording of a STEMseeds interview with Vanessa Perez, an amazing, energetic, inspirational and always-sharing teacher at Tomlinson Middle School in Lawton, Oklahoma. Vanessa shared some of the STEM lessons she’s done with students in the past as well as lessons she’s planning for the upcoming school year. She also discussed her strategies for success writing small grants for classroom supplies and furniture, as well as her innovative classroom space designs. Vanessa recently started a #notreadytour Challenge for teachers on and talked about the goals for the project as well as how it’s going. Check out our shownotes for links to referenced resources.

Show Notes:

  1. Archived Google Hangout Video (64 minutes long – Original Google+ event page)
  2. Vanessa Perez on Twitter: @vperezy
  3. Amy Loeffelholz on Twitter: @AmyLoeffelholz & @lesSTEM
  4. Wesley Fryer on Twitter: @wfryer & @casadySTEM
  5. STEMseeds PD Camp (June 2015)
  6. Masterminds Club at Tomilson Middle School, Lawton, Oklahoma
  7. Makey Makey
  8. Makey Makey Scratch Operation Game
  9. #NotReady Classroom Challenge
  10. Renovated Learning: Building a Culture of Creativity & Discovery in Education by @DianaLRendina
  11. Boy Who Lost Hands to Infection Gets Double-Hand Transplant
  12. Student News Challenge from Storychasers
  13. OklaEd Learning Showcase

The MP3 audio version of this show was created by downloading the recorded Google Hangout video with Peggo also normalized the audio. The file size for this podcast is larger because Peggo converted the audio into a 64 kbps file, instead of 32 kbps. The mp3 audio file is hosted on AmazonS3 (the most affordable/cheap podcast host available, literally this costs a few pennies per month) and shared on this WordPress self-hosted blog with the free PodLove Podcast Publisher plugin.

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