Building Bridge Structures Lesson

Here are the files that I have used for our unit on building bridge structures. Usually, I use the introduction smart board file to open the unit. The kids take notes that they will have to refer back to through the unit.

Bridges Introduction Slideshow (SMART Notebook file)
Bridges Introduction Slideshow (Google Presentation)

Bridges Fill-in Worksheet (MS Word)

Suspension Bridge Activity Instructions (MS Word)

Here is how I normally do it:

  • Day 1: Intro Notes/ Bridges video from United streaming
  • Day 2: Knex Kit- Beam Bridges
  • Day 3: Knex Kit- Arch Bridges
  • Day 4: Suspension Bridges (Smartboard instructions)
  • Day 5: Design Your Own Bridge
  • Day 6: Finish Building DYO Bridge and testing

If you need more clarification, please let me know. I am also open to suggestions to make it better. I have also attached my learning goal for the unit that we developed with the Marzano Model: “Students will understand the reasons for selecting a specific type of bridge, and the components that make up different types of bridges.”

Here is the link to the kits:

By Amy Loeffelholz

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