One of the best ways to learn about new STEM lesson ideas and resources is to CONNECT to other educators interested in STEM / STEAM! Here are several ways you can connect to other STEM educators and become a part of our STEMseeds community!

 Join our STEMseeds Google+ Community! Share your own lesson ideas, resources, or ask questions related to STEM/STEAM.

Twitter is a fantastic resource to use for connecting to other STEM teachers and educators involved in STEM. Here are a few recommended places and strategies to use to connect with STEM teachers on Twitter:

  1. Follow our @STEMseeds Twitter account and consider following people/accounts who follow @STEMseeds (check them out first, of course, some may be vendors or other non-STEM related folks)
  2. Follow this Twitter list of educators who have participated in past STEMseeds workshops, institutes and professional development camps! (maintained by @wfryer)
  3. Follow and use the Twitter hashtag #STEMseeds (consider following others who use it too)
  4. Follow teachers who are members of @wfryer’s curated STEM teacher list
  5. Check our show notes Google Doc for links to the Twitter IDs of past guests / show participants
  6. Follow the #STEM hashtag on Twitter

Do you have other suggestions? Please let us know via a comment or tweet to @STEMseeds.