Google Hangout Participation Tips

These are tips for “live guests” as well as remote viewers of our web shows using Google Hangouts.


There are several two primary kinds of links for a Google Hangout:

  1. PRIVATE join link: This is the link used to actually participate “live” in the GHO
  2. PUBLIC view link: These links can be used to WATCH but not participate live in a GHO

Finding the PRIVATE join link

The private “join link” for our Google Hangout is generated by Google when we start the Hangout. There are several ways you can find this link and click it to join the Hangout. We will start the Hangout (but not the broadcast) 15 minutes prior to a scheduled show. At or after that time you can:

  1. Click the invitation link which should “pop up” in your web browser if you are in Gmail or Google+
  2. Click the emailed invitation link which we will directly email to you (just prior to the show start time)
  3. Click the link we will send you as a DIRECT MESSAGE (private message) on Twitter

As show organizers / hosts we try to share our cell phone numbers with guests in advance just in case their are connection problems and we need to text or call each other with “regular” phones. Tips for LIVE participants:

  1. Please use a headset or earbuds with a mic. This should eliminate audio feedback which can be painful for everyone!
  2. Consider joining via your smartphone or tablet computer. The Google Hangouts App is available for iOS and for Android and can be simpler to use.
  3. If you’ll join via a web browser, consider installing the free “Google Hangouts Chrome Extension” to make connecting easier. If you haven’t already, download and install the free Google Chrome web browser and use it for the hangout.

Finding the PUBLIC view link

We’d love for you to watch our shows “live” and submit live questions via the GHO Q&A feature, or by tweeting using the hashtag #STEMseeds during the show. To find and click on the public view link for a specific show to watch and interact live with us:

  1. Find the Google+ GHO Event link on our Show Notes Google Doc
  2. Find the same link on our main blog/website,, on the “upcoming” post for the show
  3. Follow @STEMseeds on Twitter, we tweet/share view links there for every show!

Additional help resources about Google Hangouts are available on the official Google Hangouts Help Center site. We look forward to interacting with you soon (we hope) on an upcoming STEMseeds webshow!

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