STEMseeds 4: Lesson Ideas with Henry Ingwersen

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In our fourth STEM seeds webcast Henry Ingwersen, Amy Loeffelholz, Crystal Butcher and Wesley Fryer discussed STEM programs, classrooms and lesson ideas on Thursday, April 17, 2014, in an after-school Google Hangout. Henry is a grade 3-4 elementary classroom STEM teacher in Wells, Maine, and maintains a blog about some of his classroom STEM lessons. Links to referenced resources are listed in the shownotes below and on our Google Doc for STEMSeeds show notes.Thanks to our Google Hangout viewers for sharing lots of additional links! We did have some audio echo challenges about 20 minutes into our show but we got them resolved, so please don’t give up when you hear that part!

Show Notes:

  1. YouTube video archive of our Google Hangout
  2. Google Plus Event for our Google Hangout (with audience chat / links)
  3. STEM blog of Henry Ingwersen (@henryingwersen)
  4. Vital Signs Project (Citizen Scientists of Maine)
  5. Cornell Lab of Ornithology Birdsleuth K-12 Project (@BirdSleuth)
  6. Why Citizen Science? (by Cornell Lab of Ornithology Birdsleuth K-12 Project)
  7. Smart Citizen Weather Crowdsourcing Project
  8. Engineering is Elementary – @EiE_org (Boston Museum of Science)
  9. Leif Catches the Wind: A Mechanical Engineering Story (book)
  10. Picture Perfect Science Lessons Book (NSTA Press)
  11. YouTube Videos of US National Medal Laureates in Science and Technology Innovation (@NSTMF)
  12. 3-D printing and its impact on the medical implant industry
  13. Energy is Electrifying Unit (PDF) – via Maureen Tumenas (@bcdtech)
  14. Citizen science: Real-world applications for science students – via Maureen Tumenas (@bcdtech)
  15. 10 back-to-school projects for young citizen scientists – via Maureen Tumenas (@bcdtech)
  16. Tulips for Kids from Journey North – via Maureen Tumenas (@bcdtech)
  17. NASA S’COOL (Students’ Cloud Observations Online – @NASASCOOL) – via Maureen Tumenas (@bcdtech)
  18. March 2014 Newsletter of MIT STEM PALS – past archives – Facebook Page – via Maureen Tumenas (@bcdtech)
  19. Earthbridges Earth Day 2014 Webcast – via Peggy George (@pgeorge)
  20. Kevin Jarrett’s K-4 STEM Lab Blog – @K4STEMLAB – via Vicky Sedgwick (@VisionsByVicky)
  21. Sphero for Education – via Maureen Tumenas (@bcdtech)
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  23. Follow Amy’s STEM class on Twitter: @lesSTEM
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  25. Follow Wes’ STEM class on Twitter: @iesSTEM

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